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  1. Pink Plus Gift Set

    Pink Plus Gift Set

    Four tins of sparkling sugars, pink and purple powdered color,pink writing chocolate and gold shimmer dust. Perfect for Valentine, baby shower or princess party!
  2. Powder Assortment for Creams/Icing

    Powder Assortment for Creams/Icing

    A little bit (about 2 tsp /.15 oz ea.) of eight colors! Pink, red, yellow, orange, light blue, blue, green and black.
  3. Brown Powder Color for Creams/Icing

    Brown Powder Color for Creams/Icing

    Makes a tan to brown color.
  4. Pink Powder Color/Oil

    Pink Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.25
    Natural bright pink fine powder from beet and radish adds brilliant color but no flavor. Suitable for use with chocolate and cocoa butter or mix into shortening or any fat.
  5. Green Powder Color/Oil

    Green Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.95
    Natural powder from spirulina and turmeric. No added taste, just brilliant color.
  6. Blue (Spirulina) Powder Color for Creams/Icing

    Blue (Spirulina) Powder Color for Creams/Icing

    Light blue colorant made from spirulina. Less intense but truer tone and more stable than cabbage blue. Turns teal blue with acid ingredients.
  7. Deep Tones Modeling Chocolate

    Deep Tones Modeling Chocolate

    Six 1.5 oz squares (about 8.5 oz) of ready-to-use modeling chocolate in 4 deep vegetable colors plus natural white and dark.
  8. White Chocolate Couverture

    White Chocolate Couverture

    Price From: $9.95
    A wonderful premium white chocolate couverture for making candy or eating as is.
  9. Natural Decorating Set

    Natural Decorating Set

    Everything you need to get started using natural decorations! Great gift or just to have on hand.
  10. Purple Modeling Chocolate

    Purple Modeling Chocolate

    Price From: $9.95
    Ready to use, pliable confection made from high-quality chocolate and natural vegetable coloring.

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