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All our products are made with natural vegetable color and no artificial ingredients

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  1. Brilliant Blue Powder Color/Oil

    Brilliant Blue Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.95

    Out of stock

    Natural powder from spirulina. No added taste, just brilliant blue color. Combine this special colorant with yellow to make brilliant greens.
  2. Pink Powder Color/Oil

    Pink Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.25
    Natural bright pink fine powder from beet and radish adds brilliant color but no flavor. Suitable for use with chocolate and cocoa butter or mix into shortening or any fat.
  3. Steel Blue Modeling Chocolate

    Steel Blue Modeling Chocolate

    Price From: $9.95
    Ready to use, pliable confection made from high-quality chocolate and natural vegetable coloring.
  4. Black Powder Color/Oil

    Black Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $4.25
    Natural black powdered color.
  5. Gold Shimmer Dust

    Gold Shimmer Dust

    A natural fine dust to brush on decorations and create a golden shine. 
  6. Blue/Green Decorating Set

    Blue/Green Decorating Set

    Set of blue and green products for decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies.
  7. Green Powder Color/Oil

    Green Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.95

    Out of stock

    Natural powder from spirulina and turmeric. No added taste, just brilliant color.
  8. Natural Lavender Writing Chocolate

    Natural Lavender Writing Chocolate

    Price From: $2.95
    Write on cakes, cookies and sweets or draw designs and decorations onto baking paper to harden.
  9. Pastel Tones Modeling Kit

    Pastel Tones Modeling Kit

    The Pastel Tones Selection plus 8 miniature cutters, wondertool, and our booklet 'Modeling Chocolate Made Easy!'
  10. Deep Tones Modeling Chocolate

    Deep Tones Modeling Chocolate

    Six 1.5 oz squares (about 8.5 oz) of ready-to-use modeling chocolate in 4 deep vegetable colors plus natural white and dark.

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