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How To Make Modeling Chocolate Bows

Make as many bows as you need in minutes, all the exact same size, for special occasion cakes, cupcakes or cookies!


•  Gently roll modeling chocolate flat.  Work in stages. Use non-stick paper and a small rolling pin or a pasta machine to make flat strips. 

•  Let thin modeling chocolate sheets rest and firm before cutting.

•  Use a knife, pizza wheel, scissors or decorating cutters to cut flat shapes like the bow from a rolled out sheet.    
•  Make the bow with cut outs - one circle for the bow middle and a thin strip cut in two parts for the hanging ribbon. 
•  Use any round kitchen item to cut out the circle - a clean plastic container, cup, cookie cutter, measuring cup.

•  Make a cut down the middle of the circle, leaving the bottom connected. 
•  Fold the top of each side to the bottom and press in the middle to form the bow
•  Cut any length strips and pinch together for ribbons.