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How To Make Modeling Chocolate Penguins

   FLATTEN  Roll out about 1/8” thick and cut flat pieces for thin shapes like the bow or poinsettia.
•   ROUND   Use a small chunk to make a ball in your hands, then shape for three dimensional figures like the mouse.


•  Begin with a ball.  Shape the ball into a pear shape, log, or snake depending on the figure you will make.  

•  Flatten a small ball to make a dot.

•  Pinch tiny pieces into pointy beaks, flat ears, round eyes, a nose.
  Make cuts and separate parts like a beak, legs, tail or fingers. 

•  Let pieces rest and cool before putting figures together if they get soft or sticky.
Start with a ball for the body.  Make one end longer like a bowling pin then bend a bit to curve the body.

Finish the penguin with pinches or cut-outs for feet and a tiny carrot shaped beak.  For eyes use tiny modeling chocolate balls or writing chocolate and a toothpick.