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All our products are made with natural vegetable color and no artificial ingredients

Powdered Colors

Whether you choose powders, liquids or gels, natural colors react to conditions including pH, and exposure to light and temperature, so results will be similar.  These changes depend primarily on what plant the particular color is made from and somewhat on how it is processed, but not as much the form in which the color is delivered.
disssolving cabbage blue powder
Powders are specially processed to dissolve or disperse in either water or oil. It is important to mix water based powders into water, or a watery product like egg white, and to disperse oil based powders into oil, or oily products like melted chocolate. All natural colors are best added to a neutral (neither very acid or very base) product.

•  can be used for many purposes, from cooking sugar (like lollipops), to making icings, batters, macarons and meringues or even painting on cookies!
•  have a long shelf life. If you keep them clean, dry and away from light they should hold for a year or more. Deterioration would be caused by contamination (always use clean utensils or shake the powder out of the container) or moisture (be sure they are tightly closed in a cool, dry place). 

•  ship well. They are light in weight and are the best best for shipping long distances or in hot temperatures.

•  are easy to use, measure and mix

Add in powder form to neutral liquids, or reconstitute with a little liquid (water or egg white are best) and then use to color thicker mixes. Here we dissolve cabbage blue powder in about an equal amount of water to make a paste. The powder turns pinkish purple at first. The cabbage reacts with the base component of the mix and fizzes a little, then turns blue. Let the mix sit for one or two minutes until the powder is well saturated. We will use the dissolved blue “paste” to mix into our modeling chocolate, kneading in color until we get the desired shade.

This can also be used to color any products that has water in it like most icings or batters. Just add a little at a time until you get the desired color.
Keep in mind, there may be a reaction or fizz when acid and alkali first combine, as when mixing some colors or combining ingredients. This is normal, so don’t worry but be prepared. It can be messy if the mix overflows.