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How To Use Mycryo to Temper Couverture Chocolate

Here is the simple explanation:

  • Melt the chocolate carefully in microwave or double boiler to 110-115° F
  • Allow the chocolate to cool at room temperature to 93°F for dark or 92°F for white chocolate.
  • Add 1% of Mycryo (by weight). For one pound of chocolate, that would be 4.5 grams or about ⅛ oz.
  • Mix gently but thoroughly with a rubber spatula, or use an immersion blender to combine.
  • The chocolate should develop a beautiful sheen and create a v when dropped from the spatula.
  • Keep the tempered chocolate between 89 and 92°F; test the temper by laying out a thin string. It should set up evenly within a few minutes.
  • To maintain temper for a longer time, hold the chocolate between 88 and 90°

 for more details and pictures, go to the Callebaut website:  http://www.callebaut.com/uken/techniques/tempering/tempering-with-mycryosupsup