All our products are made with natural vegetable color and no artificial ingredients


Natural color sets for gifts, baby shower, holidays


Convenient and useful to have on hand for your next celebration, baby shower, house warming or holidays.
Enough in a kit to decorate sweets for a grand celebration or multiple smaller uses. 
Packaged and shelf stable to use now or save for later.
Choose sets of colors and sprinkles, playful set of decorating cutters, or a Modeling Chocolate Kit!
Keep one on hand to share with a friend.

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  1. Deep Tones Modeling Kit

    Deep Tones Modeling Kit

    The Deep Tones Selection plus 8 miniature cutters, wondertool, and our booklet 'Modeling Chocolate Made Easy!'
  2. Pastel Tones Modeling Kit

    Pastel Tones Modeling Kit

    The Pastel Tones Selection plus 8 miniature cutters, wondertool, and our booklet 'Modeling Chocolate Made Easy!'
  3. Set of Cutters

    Set of Cutters

    Set of 8 Miniature Cutters and WonderTool designed especially for working with modeling chocolate.
  4. "Modeling Chocolate Made Easy!"

    "Modeling Chocolate Made Easy!"

    Modeling Chocolate decorating guide for all ages.
  5. Five Color Box Set

    Five Color Box Set

    Berry,Yellow,Blue,Orange and Green in1/2 oz dropper tip bottles.
  6. Powder Assortment for Chocolate and Oil

    Powder Assortment for Chocolate and Oil

    Mini assortment of chocolate colorants pink, yellow, bright blue and purple.
  7. Powder Assortment for Creams/Icing

    Powder Assortment for Creams/Icing

    A little bit (about 2 tsp /.15 oz ea.) of eight colors! Pink, red, yellow, orange, light blue, blue, green and black.
  8. Pink Plus Set

    Pink Plus Set

    Want more sprinkles and less packaging? This set has twice the sprinkles (about 2 oz each color) in everyday zip lock bags as the gift set.
  9. Pink Plus Gift Set

    Pink Plus Gift Set

    Four tins of sparkling sugars, pink and purple powdered color,pink writing chocolate and gold shimmer dust. Perfect for Valentine, baby shower or princess party!
  10. Decorating Sugar Assortment

    Decorating Sugar Assortment

    One ounce each of six sparkling sugars in brilliant orange, green, red, purple, gold, blue. Perfect for holidays or everyday.

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