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Dark Modeling Chocolate

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Ready to use pliable chocolate confection. Knead a few times to
slightly soften and create an even texture. Roll out and cut or model
with your hands in stages, to keep chocolate from getting overly soft.
Decorations can be made ahead and stored at room temperature in a
closed container.
8 oz is enough to:
• make 8 large (2") or a dozen medium (1 1/2 ") roses or figures
• cover a 6 to 8 inch cake, rolled 1/16" thin
• make a ribbon and bow or decorations for a 10" cake

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Price From: $8.95
Our "How To" page has great suggestions for using modeling chocolate.


White and dark chocolate (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milk solids, soy lecithin,
vanilla) glucose, vegetable color, cornstarch, gum tragacanth. Contains soy and milk products.

Use and Storage

WORK IN STAGES: let pieces rest and firm a bit before attaching together or additional shaping.
If the modeling chocolate melts, the cocoa butter can separate out. To bring it back together knead lightly
on a cool surface, cooling and mixing to incorporate the fat back into the mass.
TO COLOR: Use liquid or paste colors, water based powders that have been dissolved in just a little water
or oil based powders dissolved in just a little oil or cocoa butter.
STORE: tightly covered as the surface will dry out. For short-term and use keep at room temperature. If not using for several days keep tightly covered in the refrigerator, then bring to room temperature. Modeling chocolate will keep for one month or longer at room temperature and for one year if refrigerated or frozen. Cold or dry modeling chocolate can be softened by warming in the microwave just a few seconds (really) at a time - carefully! Colors may fade when exposed to light.

Educational Information

Modeling chocolate is easy to use

Decorate a gingerbread house, cake, cupcakes - delicious fun for all ages!

most figures start with a ball

for thin designs roll modeling chocolate and cut shapes.

attach pieces with slight pressure or water

Additional Information

Instructions Our "How To" page has great suggestions for using modeling chocolate.
Allergens Milk: YES
Eggs: NO
Peanuts: NO
Tree nuts: NO
Fish :NO
Shellfish: NO
Soy: YES
Wheat: NO
Cross-contamination We do our best to keep our equipment free of allergens but cannot be certain that there has been no cross contamination of ingredients at any point in our sourcing and production. None of the ingredients contain gluten or wheat.