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All our products are made with natural vegetable color and no artificial ingredients


Our vegetable colors are made from natural fruits and vegetables which can be sensitive to acids and temperature. They are manufatured in the United States. The ingredients are non-GMO and do not include dairy, wheat or soy.  There are NO artificial dyes or ingredients.
Also find our liquid colors in Whole Foods Markets in the Pacific Northwest Region.
More information in HOW TO: Using Natural Color
Link to Storage and Shelf Life Comparison of Natural Color

•    LIQUID COLOR (1/2 oz or 2 oz)
Vegetable colors easy to use in icings & most products except chocolate. Refrigerate up to six months or carefully freeze for longer storage.  
•    GEL COLOR (1 oz ind)
Intense vegetable color with less water, in a glycerin base for those used to working with paste or gel colors. Refrigerate or freeze.
•     POWDER COLOR (water dispersible - 1/2 oz ind)
Versatile, easy to use powdered fruit and vegetables from nature will keep in your pantry for a year or longer. Dissolve in a very little water or egg white then easily combine with products. Use in combination with liquid color for added intensity and shades. Can also be used to paint details.
•     OIL DISPERSIBLE COLOR (1/4 or 1/2 oz ind)
Very fine “clean” vegetable powders with little to no flavor. Primarily used in chocolate, these do not mix into water.
•     TITANIUM DIOXIDE (1/2 or 1 oz)
Whitener made from minerals.  Dissolve in liquid, use in chocolate, add to products or use as a paint for accents.
•     PAINT
Create strong, bold colors by painting the surface of firm icing, modeling chocolate, and cookies with brilliant vegetable colors from nature.