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All our products are made with natural vegetable color and no artificial ingredients


        •  Vegan and do not contain gluten, wheat, soy or dairy.
        •  Good a year or more if tightly covered.
        •  Used primarily to color chocolate and coatings but also work in any fat.
        •  Do not add noticeable taste or flavor! Even the spirulina!

        •  Incorporate easily for a rainbow of brilliant color.
        •  Choose from two different blues - use the brilliant blue plus yellow to make green. Add
           the darker grey-blue to make a very foresty green.
        •  For red combine pink with a drop of orange or use our premixed red cocoa butter.

CHOOSE: Set of four colors (1/2 oz total wt), or Individual 1/4 oz or 1/2 oz containers
        •  1/4 oz is about 3-4 teaspoons - see individual colors or How To  for specific information.
        •  assortment is in hinged containers, about 1 1/2 tsp or 4g per container, enought to color
            six ounces or more of white chocolate.

To color buttercream or batters also see our water based powders.

NEW! Ready to use natural cocoa butter blends - RED and GREEN colors for the holidays!

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  1. Powder Assortment for Chocolate and Oil

    Powder Assortment for Chocolate and Oil

    Mini assortment of chocolate colorants pink, yellow, bright blue and purple.
  2. Red Cocoa Butter Color

    Red Cocoa Butter Color

    Radish, beet and paprika oil (oleorosin of paprika) make this deep red color. Pictured: one container of red used in 6 ounces or 1/2 cup of white chocolate.
  3. Pink Powder Color/Oil

    Pink Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.25
    Natural bright pink fine powder from beet and radish adds brilliant color but no flavor. Suitable for use with chocolate and cocoa butter or mix into shortening or any fat.
  4. Orange Color/Oil

    Orange Color/Oil

    Natural orange oil from paprika creates brilliant color with just a drop!
  5. Yellow Powder Color/Oil

    Yellow Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.25
    Natural yellow powder color from turmeric.
  6. Purple Powder Color/Oil

    Purple Powder Color/Oil

    Natural purple powdered color from cabbage.
  7. Brilliant Blue Powder Color/Oil

    Brilliant Blue Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.95
    Natural powder from spirulina. No added taste, just brilliant blue color. Combine this special colorant with yellow to make brilliant greens.
  8. Grey-Blue Powder Color/Oil

    Grey-Blue Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.25
    Natural grey-blue powdered color from cabbage.
  9. Green Powder Color/Oil

    Green Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $5.95
    Natural powder from spirulina and turmeric. No added taste, just brilliant color.
  10. Black Powder Color/Oil

    Black Powder Color/Oil

    Price From: $4.25
    Natural black powdered color.

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