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Pink Powder Color/Oil

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Natural bright pink fine powder from beet and radish adds brilliant color but no flavor. Suitable for use with chocolate and cocoa butter or mix into shortening or any fat. 1/4 ounce is about four teaspoons and colors 12 oz or two cups of white chocolate a brilliant lipstick pink. Use less color for a lighter tone.

Red color is available premixed in cocoa butter! To make red yourself use double the amount of pink color and add just a drop or two of orange oleorosin of paprika. Pictured - one quarter cup (1.5 oz) of white chocolate couverture plus 1/2 tsp pink powder. The red chocolate circle was made with two times (1 tsp) pink powder color and 1 drop of paprika oil.

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Price From: $5.25
Stir powder into melted chocolate or oil


beet, radish. Non-GMO, allergen free.

Use and Storage

Add directly to oil based products like chocolate or fat for even color. This fine, easily dispersed powder is specially formulated from beet to disperse into chocolate and does not add noticeable flavor. Store tightly covered in a cool, dry place or refrigerator up to a year.

Educational Information

Natural pink powdered color suitable for use with chocolate. Powder disperses easily without speckling into couverture or coating. 1/4 ounce (about four teaspoons) colors 12 oz to a pound of chocolate bright pink. Use half the amount for light pink, or double the amount plus a touch of orange to make red.

Additional Information

Instructions Stir powder into melted chocolate or oil
Allergens Milk: NO

Eggs: NO

Peanuts: NO

Tree nuts: NO

Fish :NO

Shellfish: NO

Soy: NO

Wheat: NO

Cross-contamination Our powder colors are packaged carefully to keep them as free as possible from contamination.