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Whitener (Titanium Dioxide)

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Titanium Dioxide Powder. Use as a whitener for batters and icings, chocolate or modeling chocolate, or to paint details. Create a white base in tan mixes to make the natural colorant pop! Often used in macarons and petits fours. 1/4 oz natural titanium dioxide powder is about 1/6 cup.
Pictures: 1. Modeling Chocolate with and without titanium dioxide base. Left: Natural white modeling chocolate with whitener added first and then desired color. Right: Modeling chocolate with same colors added but no whitener. 2. White chocolate mound with circle of chocolate colored with titanium dioxide.

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Price From: $3.95


titanium dioxice

Use and Storage

Add directly to oil based products like chocolate or fat or make a paste and add to water based products. Keep tightly covered in a cool place away from bright light up to a year. May be refrigerated or frozen if very tightly sealed.

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Allergens Milk: NO

Eggs: NO

Peanuts: NO

Tree nuts: NO

Fish :NO

Shellfish: NO

Soy: NO

Wheat: NO

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