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All our products are made with natural vegetable color and no artificial ingredients


Parties & Events


Plan a private workshop or party for any age group 6 yrs and older.  

From serious lessons on tempering and candy making to imaginative children's birthdays, there are a multitiude of choices possible: adult team buildings, bachelorette parties, family gatherings or individualized private lessons. 
The Chocolate Craft Studio is a great place to get together and have a memorable event.

  We supply all materials, specialized instruction and LOTS of chocolate with 1 1/2 to 2 hours of chocolate crafting. 
•  Pricing and projects begin at $30 per person (a minimum of $225 per event).
•  Group size maximum and recommended projects depend on participant ages and type of party - from cupcake decorating to making mini chocolate bicycles! Cake or cupcakes can be decorated if supplied by hosts.

BASIC PARTY ($30 per person)
Decorate a Pre-made Chocolate Cut-Out (shapes like hearts, circles, butterflies, fish)
Learn about tempering chocolate and make a chocolate shape to decorate (balloon bowl, bubble wrap shape, chocolate cone) 
•  Choose dark, milk or white chocolate base shape.
  We supply pliable modeling chocolate in a rainbow of natural vegetable colors, chocolate "glue", edible gold and silver dusts, a multitude of decorative sprinkles and candies - one and a half to two hour event.  
•  Your party is planned to suit your group; any project imaginable is possible. With our knowledge and your imagination, your group will create chocolate animals and figures, flowers, ribbons and much more.
•  We provide expert guidance and instruction, professional level decorating materials and equipment, and an intimate, adorable crafting space. 

•  Use our front room for your celebration:bring snacks, cake, decorations etc. and have your party in our space. Additional $25.
  Choose a more complex project (chocolate wine glass, chocolate box, house, painting, stand up card, sculpture (yes, almost anything!). Additional $5 to $65 per person.   
•  Groups with varied skill levels and interests or other parties desiring special assistance: $40 per crafting hour.
•  We provide expert guidance and instruction, professional level decorating materials and equipment, and an intimate, adorable crafting space. 


FOR LOCAL ORDERS    (3936 N Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon) 
Will Call by Appointment is available.

E-mail your order and make
an appointment to pick up. 

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                                                          About the Studio
Here is a way for everyone to make beautiful and exciting chocolate decorations and centerpieces. In my career as a Pastry Chef, I had so much fun making party decorations that I wanted to share chocolate techniques with everyone. Before we came along, only professionals were able to enjoy this fun activity. We believe once you try it, you'll be delighted, too.
We have two types of chocolate projects: tempered chocolate (hard pieces of couverture, the highest quality of chocolate) ready to put together into a shape, and soft chocolate "clay" or modeling chocolate, which is chocolate with invert syrup added to make it soft and pliable. The candy "glue" holds pieces together, or can be used to make decorations like butterflies or write on a cake.
I have been using chocolate with both children and adults to make holiday craft projects and kids activities for many years. Children's birthday parties and holidays have always been opportunities to dream up new ideas for party activities and holiday crafts.
Schedule your own Chocolate Party at the Studio for seasonal chocolate crafts! Chocolate Houses, Ornaments and Holiday Centerpieces are a few of the possibilities.
For questions please email me: Peggy@ConfectionCrafts.com. I wish you and your family the best of celebrations, and a very sweet time. -- Peggy