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Natural Blue/Lavender Icing Mix

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Make brilliant colors of delicious frosting. Add either butter, shortening or egg whites for great results. The color used does not add flavor or give an off taste to the finished icing.


Powdered sugar (cane sugar, tapioca starch), organic egg white, organic vanilla powder, color (cabbage)

Use and Storage

Keep mix in a cool dry place up to a year away from bright light. Comes in a resealable bag so it can be used all at once or in several uses. Refrigerate finished icing.

Educational Information

Add water and mix to a thick paste. Use this “royal icing” for cookies.

For fluffy icings add shortening, butter or cream cheese.

Simple instructions included for making your choice of blue or lavender.

- to vary the color add more/different color (or with the blue mix modify the Ph for purple/blue ), add more shortening to make a lighter tone full mix - use least possible water to make paste if using all butter (butter contains water in it!) Use1/4 tsp soda in 1/4 tsp water to make more blue. Use up to 1/4 tsp mild vinegar or lemon juice to make it more pink. This is not enough to make it taste funny! Don’t worry!

Additional Information

Instructions No
Allergens Milk: NO
Eggs: YES
Peanuts: NO
Tree nuts: NO
Fish :NO
Shellfish: NO
Soy: NO
Wheat: NO
Cross-contamination We do our best to keep our equipment free of allergens but cannot be certain that there has been no cross contamination of ingredients at any point in our sourcing and production. Gluten Free.
Color Blue/Lavender